Glitter Magazine: Esendemir Sisters From Flatbread Grill

Esendemir Sisters Glitter Magazine

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We had the honor of being interviewed about our restaurant, Flatbread Grill, by the awesome teen magazine, GLITTER. Glitter Magazine was started by Nikki Fowler, an entrepreneur we admire very much. The magazine launched a #selflove campaign that we participated in some time ago. The campaign aims to encourage and motivate young girls to love themselves. Both celebrities and teens around the world are participating in this empowering campaign. Glitter aims to really be a source of power for young girls and it is a very much needed addition in the world of magazines. In our interview, we discuss what it’s like to work together as sisters, what our plans are for the future, and offer up some advice to teens who aspire to start their own business. The interview, Real People: Esendemir Sisters From Flatbread Grill, can be read online @

Arzu and Gonca Esendemir Sisters Flatbread Grill
Arzu Esendemir and Gonca Esendemir from Flatbread Grill


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  1. Rachael Mills Avatar
    Rachael Mills

    I think it’s a nice initiative, it will be lovely if more people and organizations are joining in the campaign for women empowerment to serve as a motivation to younger ladies