Be Moxie: Empowering Women

Esendemir Sisters with Be Moxie Founders

One of the things that is very important to us, the Esendemir Sisters, is being able to inspire, empower and support other women who have entrepreneurial dreams. Women don’t often have a strong network of connections and resources to help support them on their professional journeys. Much of the content written for women online usually focuses very heavily on fashion, beauty, style, DIY or decorating, leaving us feeing just a little bit disconnected. We feel isolated when it comes to finding content that offers us guidance, advice and inspiration that specifically addresses our professional and entrepreneurial needs.

Be Moxie is one of the best resources out there producing content that addresses not only our professional needs as women, but also provides a mix of fashion, advice, motivation, inspiration and empowerment. The founders of Be Moxie started the blog as a way to connect and empower women to achieve their personal and career goals.

We had the pleasure of attending a brunch hosted by the smart and ambitious ladies who run this empowerment blog for women. The extraordinary women, Aline Murta, Macia Batista and Joannie Diaz, who run Be Moxie all have full-time jobs in addition to producing the blog. These ladies are not only hard working, but they truly understand the need to provide a platform and outlet for women to get together and empower each other. They were one of the first blogs to feature our entrepreneurial story when we began sharing it (read it here) and they have been outwardly supportive of us and our journey. Their beautiful event in New York City this past weekend was a culmination of hard work, dedication and passion. We left feeling inspired by not only their drive and passion for what they do, but inspired that there are so many women out there who are willing to support and empower each other. Their blog not only focuses on empowerment, but also brings together various different issues that are really important to today’s women, no matter what her profession or career journey.

Be Moxie: An Empowerment Blog For Women
Be Moxie: An Empowerment Blog For Women, features advice, guidance, profile pieces plus more for today’s working women
Arzu Esendemir and Gonca Esendemir at Casa La Femme
Arzu Esendemir and Gonca Esendemir at Casa La Femme
Gonca Esendemir and Arzu Esendemir attend an event hosted by Be Moxie
Gonca Esendemir and Arzu Esendemir with their Be Moxie water bottles

4 responses to “Be Moxie: Empowering Women”

  1. Victoria Garcia Avatar
    Victoria Garcia

    Thank you so much for introducing me to the BeMoxie blog! I love it! I have just read two of their blog posts and what they wrote inspired and motivated me. I can’t believe they also have full time jobs and still can manage to work on this blog! My new superheroes !

    Also, I love the picture will all 5 of you! Love to see strong women stand together!

  2. Librarylady Avatar

    I think the Esendemir sisters are an inspiration. Reading YOUR blog is empowering and encouraging. It’s nice that you give credit to Moxie, a group who is also a very positive influence. As women in business we need more examples of successful women. We need places to go for encouragement, advice, and inspiration. I especially love when people share their stories about the bumps in the road, because we all have similar experiences and can learn from each other’s mistakes. Moxie looks like a fun group and I will check out their blog. I live in Utah and we have an excellent group called Women in Business. It’s a wonderful gathering of women from all races and nations who have come together to encourage and learn from each other. Sisters, whether in real life, or bonded through shared experience, are the best.

  3. Alex London Avatar
    Alex London

    Fantastic that you are committed to using your success and experience to inspire other women. It’s crazy that in the 21st Century it’s still an issue, but if society is dragging it’s heels then it’s great that women like you are showing the way for others.

  4. Andrea Robinson Avatar
    Andrea Robinson

    It’s awesome that you gave a shout-out to Be Moxie. I never heard of them before, and I see they’ve got a great site with some terrific articles. It’s true that society is still dragging its feet, but as women, we’ve really got it going on anyway!

    What we’re able to do in this country will be inspiring women around the world for generations to come.

    I’m glad Be Moxie was so supportive, and I love your double reciprocation of giving them a shout-out and paying it forward to many thousands of women who will be inspired by your trailblazing. 🙂