Renewal, Recovery, Reinvention

Renewal, Recovery, Reinvention By Esendemir Sisters

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We left the internet world for a hot minute to deal with not only the nitty gritty details that come along with planning a new restaurant, but also, to deal with some not so pleasant ongoing behind the scenes drama. This unpleasant situation haunted us day in and day out for a good seven months straight and eventually escalated into a living nightmare, which then turned into a big legal mess (nothing that we caused, provoked or initiated, but we got caught in the middle of it, unfortunately). We tried to deal with it as positively, gracefully and maturely as we could. To make a long story short, we had to say goodbye to something that was such a big and very important part of our lives for so long. We had to bid adieu to something we spent almost an entire decade building, growing and tending to with so much love and passion. It was an abrupt good-bye and we were completely unprepared for it. It sidetracked us and hit us like a freight train and nearly knocked us off our path. It was not a voluntary goodbye, as it was pried from our hands and ripped from our grasp. We didn’t go down without a fight but at some point, the fight had to be taken to superior court where it now sits among thousands of other cases waiting to be heard by a judge.

The fight is far from over for us and will most likely not end for another two years. However, we couldn’t stop our lives for too long or languish too much in the loss, no matter how painful and shocking it was for us. We have a restaurant to build, a message to deliver and a franchise system to be launched. There are many more miles to travel, more journeys to seek out, new challenges to overcome and more adventures to propel ourselves towards. The journey never ends and it’s up to us whether or not we choose to continue. And continue we will. We are starting all over again: wiser, stronger, better and with even more passion. Our fire has not been put out. The flames have been fanned and we are even more determined. We have renewed our resolve and are hell bent on recovering from what could have been a personal and professional devestation. We will not stop, nor will we give up, because it’s just not who we are.

It was a painful time for us, especially since we were minding our own business, going about our lives, living and working with integrity when this happened. We are fortunate to have had each other, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We are now slowly coming to appreciate this as an opportunity to begin again and make a fresh start. It is an opportunity to reinvent the wheel and renew all of our goals. The day we were forced to walk away from one thing was the day the door opened to a whole new world for us. We are invigorated with the new challenges that have presented themselves and enthusiastic about the new opportunities. We are also very excited about pushing ourselves to see how much further we can take our vision. This is a new chapter for us in a brand new book. This isn’t game over. Not by a long shot. The past was a warm-up session. It’s all just beginning for us.

We were going to keep completely quiet about this (and we still cannot release details because it is under litigation), however, we believe if we can share a little bit of this burden and some of the pain, then perhaps it will alleviate it and maybe, just maybe, inspire others to keep moving along on their journey (no matter how difficult things may seem). It is possible to build a castle from the ruins if you believe in yourself. Any one of us can dig down deep to pull out more strength and courage to face it all. Do not allow yourself to be defeated by anything, whether it be injustice, obstacles, emotional pain or circumstances. Get knocked down, get back up and keep it moving. That’s what we plan on doing and nothing and no one will stop us.

Be brave. And DO NOT EVER GIVE UP!

The Esendemir Sisters[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

6 responses to “Renewal, Recovery, Reinvention”

  1. Donna Avatar

    Hi girls! I love your spirit! God will continue to bless you with even more success because you deserve it. I hope whatever is going on with you will ease up. Sounds like whatever is happening is pretty serious. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Tami Avatar

    It’s amazing how well you are carrying on with your plan. Keep on keeping on, because no one can do it for you than you. Besides, where would we get our flatbread from?

  3. Louisa Avatar

    It’s clear that you can’t go into any details about what’s been happening but it is clear that you are very passionate. Your grace in handling this matter is very clear and something of which you should be proud. Wishing you the best of luck for your new chapter – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!

  4. Alexander Brown Avatar
    Alexander Brown

    We all have our ups and downs and I guess hardships are always going to be around the corner and all we can do is move forward towards our goals. Don’t give up on your fight if you know you are right but at the same time, don’t stop living. Don’t postpone important things because something like this happened. You need to live and keep walking and when the time comes to settle things in court, do that. But don’t focus too much attention on this right now. Look at what’s important now.

  5. Librarylady Avatar

    So sorry you’re dealing with adversity. I hope it’s nothing to do with your business. Life can be such a witch sometimes . . . anyway I like your attitude. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and start over. Every now and then I’ll lose something that I’ve written – things occasionally disappear into the computer twilight zone – and after I’ve quit stomping my feet and crying, I sit down and rewrite. I realize this is minor compared to what you must be dealing with, but to be honest, the rewrite usually turns out better than the original. Don’t know if that helps. Best of luck to you.

  6. Alex London Avatar
    Alex London

    It sucks when life throws a huge curveball at us. It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but every challenge we face really does make us grow as people and if we’re lucky enough to have people by our side it pulls us together. Having read your blog, I’ve no doubt that this setback will not stop the Esendemir Sisters at all.