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Esendemir Sisters Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Breakfast

Food is a really important part of our Turkish culture. Turkish people have a love and appreciation for food that extends well beyond any social or economic boundaries. We Esendemir Sisters all share a mutual fondness of traditional, simple Turkish food that will never change. One of the things we think about often and adore from our […]

Esendemir Sisters: Gonca Esendemir, Fusun Esendemir, Arzu Esendemir Photo By Mike Peters

Esendemir Sisters Recipe For Success

This fall, the Esendemir Sisters and Flatbread Grill are featured in Montclair State University’s alumni magazine: It is truly a humbling honor to have this piece written about us. Montclair State University has been so supportive of Flatbread Grill and our journey. Not only have they supported our business directly by ordering food from […]